The Boss Baby Review

So, from time to time, my fiancée chooses our film at the cinema, after this choice however, she might not for a long time.

A film I was expecting less than nothing from somehow managed to still be disappointing even with the lowest possible expectations. I don’t think I’ve ever sat through worse dross in a cinema before, yes it is terrible, extremely so, yes it’s for kids, but that’s no excuse. Zootropolis was for kids and that managed to have a great message and be incredibly smart, this movie has no such merits.


Tim is a normal kid with a great life with loving parents, until his perfect life is thrown into disarray with the arrival of a baby brother, conspicuously dressed in a suit. Ultimately suspicious of his new brother, Tim vows to bring him down.

After discovering that his baby brother has the mind of an adult middle manager, representing Baby co. he soon finds himself embroiled in the feud between babies and puppies, as the titular Boss Baby brings his older brother along to bring down Puppy Co.


Did any of that sound entertaining to you? Throw in a voice performance from Alec Baldwin and a cornucopia of bodily functions jokes (fart jokes etc.) you have the lowest denominator of a kids movie, one that your little devil might enjoy while it’s on but is entirely without substance. It’s highly unlikely it will remain a favourite they take through childhood, in the same way my generation took Toy Story through theirs.

Unfunny and predictable is not a great combination for any movie. Not least a movie like this with such utterly inconsequential stock characters, there’s not one shred of creativity in any character, whereas other better movies have taken such stock characters and built on them (for example Inside Out) this movie just languishes in it’s comfort zone like a baby carries a blanket.

In short, it’s been a long time since DreamWorks has come out with anything that in any way challenges Disney’s monopoly on great family movies, and with this it looks like their several universes away from doing so anytime soon, especially with a sequel announced for this movie, despite it not needing one in any conceivable way. Avoid this movie, even if your kids want to see it, there is much better for them to see, it’s not worth losing the brain cells.

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