How Obnoxious Do Characters Have To Be Before We Dislike Them?

Quite recently, I picked up Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PS4. I had played Uncharted before, but not really stuck to it, my ineptitude in any game with guns in won out, but this time I’ve stuck with it, I’m about 75% through the first game and I’m enjoying it, I feel the shooting becomes a bit repetitive and I’d rather be doing more climbing and puzzles, but still an enjoyable game.

Something else that strikes me, is how much of an insufferable twat Nathan Drake is, he’s portrayed as this unstoppable hero, but with each smug quip I feel more and more inclined to be wanting to shoot him than the bad guys, who coincidentally, I haven’t been told what they’ve done to deserve shooting at, but they aren’t white so that’s justification enough in video game world I suppose.

I’m not suggesting Nathan Drake is a racist character by the way, to suggest such a thing would be absurd, especially when he’s shooting English guys by his third game, so I better be quiet before the smug tosser comes after me too. He’d probably talk me to death, make me endure his asinine sarcastic quips until I beg for the sweet release of death.

Not that I’d mind so much if I didn’t have to occupy the bloody guy for 10 hours plus, each line of dialogue drives through me like a stake through a vampire, yet people really do seem to like him, can’t say I understand, maybe it’s the fact that his games are fun, so are Batman’s games, but I wouldn’t want to have a pint with him either, well I would, but not because of his personality, I’d want to share a drink with him because he’s Batman, the only drink I’d want to share with Nathan Drake is cyanide.

Maybe I’m taking things too seriously, who knows? Maybe I’m the only wrong one and he’s actually a tragic figure who came from nothing? Or perhaps he comes from a background of privilege and uses that to become an archaeologist so he can travel the world smashing priceless ancient artefacts like a certain Miss Croft? Here was me thinking an archaeologist was supposed to maintain tombs, rather than raid them…

Maybe it’s because he’s American? I’m not saying all Americans are annoying by the way, just that their heroes tend to be cocksure, arrogant white guys with haircuts made out of Lego, take for instance the character Nathan Drake is mostly inspired by (‘inspired by’ in this case meaning ‘ripped off from’) Indiana Jones, yes Indy is cool, but from what I remember he’s an insufferable yahoo too. I liked his dad better, but then again his dad is played by Sean Connery, who makes anything cool.

Having said that, take Sean Connery’s best known character, James Bond, sure he’s portrayed as being suave and cool, but if we scratch below the surface we find that he’s an arrogant, womanising (and possibly alcoholic in some movie) twat-bag. Is there any ‘cool’ character in media who is actually a good person? Or just pertaining to the standards of ‘coolness’? What is coolness? The only coolness I want Nathan Drake to be associated with is liquid Nitrogen.

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