Movie News – 5th April

Hi! So, I’m making an effort to do a bit more content for this site, starting new lines, so for my first experiment, I’m going to go over movie news week by week. Got any news I may have missed? Let me know via email/Twitter/Facebook/carrier pigeon.

Box Office.

It’s been a big few weeks for releases. Both Marvel and DC have released their latest films to a grateful cinema audience, as well as new releases from Disney in the shape of Dumbo.

Captain Marvel is yet another run-away success for Marvel Studios, passing the $1 billion dollar mark, and with the behemoth of Avengers: Endgame having released showing tickets this week, Disney will be taking their money home in a freight train, add on the $131 million made by Dumbo on opening weekend, and you get some very happy Disney execs.

Disney Promise new Fox Property Instalments

Sticking with Disney for now, and the Disney-Fox merger has been building on the horizon like a tidal wave for a while now, and it finally seems to have crashed against the shore.

With the deal now gone through, Disney now have a fearsome back-catalogue of properties, with everything from the Alien series to The Simpsons all now sit under the Disney umbrella, which has caused a wave of “is [insert name here] now a Disney princess?” over the internet.

Well, new canon princesses aside, Disney execs have come out and promised new instalments of the Alien, Kingsman and Planet of the Apes franchises. I, for one, look forward to seeing how Disney turn Alien into a musical.

Elsewhere, Fox execs have drawn a line under their X-Men input by calling Dark Phoenix a ‘perfect send-off’. Something tells me it won’t be long until this band of mutants resurface in the house of mouse.

I’ll Be Back… Again

The first images of the sixth film in the Terminator franchise were released in the last few days, marking yet another attempt to revive the series that not even Genisys could kill.

There’s the seemingly mandatory picture of Arnie, now rocking an old man beard (how does a Terminator grow a beard?), as well as Linda Hamilton, returning to the role of Sarah Conner for the first time since T2.

The film will serve as a direct sequel to T2, completely disregarding the previous three films, showing a rare trait in filmmakers, that of self-awareness.

Linda Hamilton has also come out and said that the later Terminator sequels are: “forgettable”. Very diplomatic of you Linda, I’d personally call them: a waste of money, space and time.

Quick Fire

Meanwhile, the first trailer for the new Joker film, starring Joaquin Phoenix dropped in the past few days, drawing comparisons to Taxi Driver, which, however you look at it, is never a bad thing.

As I referred to earlier, the Avengers: Endgame tickets have been released, the run-time has also been confirmed, at 3 hrs 1 min long, it will be the longest film in the franchise.

There’s been movement in two adaptations of anime properties, with the long-slated live-action remake of Akira is moving forward. As well as John Cho being cast in the film version of Cowboy Bebop.

Voice acting and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill has revealed his first post Star Wars move, returning to voice acting as the demented child’s doll Chucky, in the remake of Child’s Play. No matter how scary this film turns out to be, it can’t be much scarier than the Star Wars Holiday Special.

That about wraps us up for this week. Check back next weekend for the round-up of all the latest film news. I’ll see you all at the cinema.


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