Rocketman Further Thoughts

I find it important for a critic to disclose when their viewpoints alter, and to that end, I recently decided to take a second watching of Rocketman to re-affirm my views on the film,

I found myself in a strange quandary after watching the film again, as I enjoyed it so much more upon a second viewing, the pacing felt much better, the musical numbers hit the mark so much more, and I came to realise I may have been far too hasty when writing about it first time around.

I do stand by a lot of what I said, there are still some pacing issues and its intention to be different sometimes trip it up, but some of it’s uniqueness does hit the spot on a second viewing, you come to understand it has a deeper meanings especially later in the film.

I think Taron Egerton was outstanding, his performance is layered, sympathetic and vulnerable, all while also being aloof, and arrogant. It’s a more warts-and-all portrayal than Rami Malek’s Freddie Mercury, whose life was somewhat whitewashed, Nothing is held back here.

The extended cast stand out a lot more upon revisiting, Richard Madden goes from being charming to a complete bastard over several subtle changes, and the chemistry between Egerton and Jamie Bell (Bernie Taupin) which really helps sell the relationship between John and Taupin, a key aspect of the film, which really becomes apparent upon further viewing.

For being something that I wasn’t expecting, I respect the film more now, rather than being disappointed, its song selection is perfect and so is the delivery.

That isn’t to say my original evaluation is now worthless, I stand by s lot of it, and opinions should always evolve, it’s just important to state when your opinion shifts in my book.

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