A Look Back at March 2020

Well, this last month seemed to go on forever, didn’t it?

The world has ground to a halt thanks to the spread of a deadly virus, one that isn’t fictional this time, closing pretty much everything, including cinemas.

But still, I have endeavoured to keep the site ticking over with reviews of older films, both beloved classics and the more obscure, something I’ll continue as long as the isolation period lasts, as well as working on some longer-form posts, as the Harry Potter ranking was incredibly popular.

Film of the Month: Dark Waters (directed by Todd Haynes)

Reviewing this film seems like a lifetime ago, but it did occur in the month of March, believe it or not. Somewhat understandably I don’t have a lot of cinema releases to choose from, and I almost mad A Fish Called Wanda my film of the month, but I guess since I did have SOME cinema releases to choose from, I’d better make the most of it, as I’m not likely to get any more for the next few months.

It’s undeniably a strange time for everyone at the moment, and the aim of my site at the moment is to give people something to distract them from the onslaught of bad news and general low public morale, I hope that the pondering whims of a cynical British film critic can at least help kill half an hour.

Over the coming week(s) I’ll be reviewing such films as: Withnail & I, Lady Bird and Leave No Trace; as well as a few others.

Stay safe, and thanks for sticking with me.

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