A Frank and Honest Statement on the Current Situation

I don’t mind admitting to you, readers that I feel I am letting you all down. The current closure of cinemas has left me with a gaping hole in my content schedule that I am constantly, and eagerly, trying to fill; but I still feel as though |I am short-changing you all.

Who knows at this point when cinemas might reopen; furthermore, who knows whether anyone would want to go to them until there is a workable vaccine available, it brings me no small amount of trepidation to think of going to a place to be in close proximity to anyone who might be carrying the virus, knowing that I might bring it home or pass it on.

That being said, I feel a certain obligation to do as much as I can to make this website viable in the competition for your eyeballs, I take suggestions on what you would like to see, I’m working on different types on content to see me through, but it still doesn’t feel like enough.

Maybe I’m being hard on myself, and I know that I’m only relatively small fry on the yawning chasm that is the internet, but I work hard to bring the best content I can to my ever-growing readership; regardless of the world around us.

Who knows when I may see the inside of a cinema again, maybe I won’t for the rest of the year, it’s certainly a possibility, if that’s the case I’ll do my damnedest to keep reviewing films until I finally have to cave-in and watch the Transformers films, with a sick bucket lodged between my legs.

All joking aside, I do appreciate all of you for reading my site in the current climate, I know there is constantly something else vying for your attention, and it’s heartening to me to see my website get clicks as I continue to work on my writing, as well as other commitments I try to juggle.

I know times are hard right now, and the scale of change is unprecedented, the world may never be the same as it once was, but I’m always glad to know that my inane yammering can distract people, even for just ten minutes.

If you do wish to support me at this time, I have books available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B07RZC6V7H. I also have a Ko-fi account should you wish to donate: https://ko-fi.com/majorfilmreviews.

As well as continuing my reviews of old films, I am hoping to launch a revamped version of my podcast in the next few weeks, and maybe even some YouTube content. If you have any suggestions for me, please visit my contacts page at the top of the site for my details.

Thanks Again

Nathan x

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