A Look Back at May 2020

Another month indoors and more films on my list that I haven’t gotten round to yet; it’s strange, I can attend a cinema many times a week and never fail to motivate myself to want to see more, but stuck at home with nothing else to do, I just can’t find the energy or desire.

Still, I do try and review a few films a week, or work on a longer bit of writing, and this month saw me set a new record for most-viewed writing on this site, with my Robin Williams list attracting over 500 views!

So, thanks once again for your continued support during this tough time, I’m glad of all the views and that I can bring at least some entertainment to you, even if only for a while.

Film of the Month: The Conversation (1974) – Directed by Francis Ford Coppolla

Once again, slim pickings this month, and it was either this or The Empire Strikes Back and giving more praise to Empire felt like taking a sandpit to the Sahara, we know how good it is, but we don’t hear much about The Conversation, so it better be my film of the month.

I’m going to try and do more films this month, with both Blade Runner films lined-up to watch in the next week, as well as some more obscure ones, like Heathers and Shock Treatment, so I hope you enjoy those.

Hopefully see you all back in the cinemas sooner rather than later!

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