An Ode to Cineworld

There are very few times when my film writing and my creative writing intersect, but given the situation unfolding with Cineworld (sadly, I can’t see them being the only ones) I decided it was time those two worlds met, and I composed this short poem in tribute to my usual cinema of choice…

There you stand,

A shell of what might be,

A temple of tears, of fears,

You stand alone.

The screens are blank,

The seats are empty,

There’s an absence of life, of fun,

You stand alone.

A victim of apathy,

Overlooked and ignore,

Not seen as important, as essential

Still, you stand alone.

No matter the weather, you were there.

When we needed a laugh, you were there,

When we needed a scare, or a cry, or to just feel, there you were.

Now, you’re alone.

We will dance again, In the celluloid light,

Save a smile,

Keep the projector running,

While you stand alone.

Discarded by those whose memories you helped make,

Remembered by those who still live in hope,

We will sit in the dark one day, someday, hopefully soon.

For now, you stand alone.

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