A Look Back at October 2020

October was a considerably busier month than September, it’s fair to say. With Halloween approaching at the end of the month, I made a conscious decision to look at as many horror titles as I could, or failing that, films with a tangential link to Halloween at least.

I actually think I started enjoying reviewing films in a home setting a lot more this month with a clear mission in mind. The past few months have been difficult with very few or no trips to cinemas. With a cinema, I had a focused time in which to watch a film, it gave me a time frame and a purpose, when I’m at home, the tendency to procrastinate takes over and it can take me forever to finally watch something.

So it’s fair to say that I’ve got some wind back in my sails this month, thanks in no small part to my boyfriend, and his instance that we watch films together (it’s him that has picked the vast majority of my recent films to review) it means I have a more regular schedule once more, so you can all thank (or blame) him for my increased output.

But it hasn’t been all positive. This month saw the closure once again of Cineworld cinemas across the country, leaving many members (myself included) slightly adrift, not to mention leaving many staff with an uncertain future. I wrote a poem about it in a rare occurrence of my two lives as a writer meeting together, which is featured earlier in this book.

Film of the Month: Halloween (1978) – Directed by John Carpenter

It was a close call between this and Zombieland, and I almost plumped for the latter, but in terms of looking for a Halloween film, you can’t go far wrong with the film named after the day itself. It is an early example of Carpenter’s skill as a director, and has a fantastically tense atmosphere. A real classic.

So, we now only have two months left of this odd, ever-confusing year, and hopefully we can have a few months of Christmas cheer now that Halloween is out of the way. I’ll be looking at streaming films I may have missed in the last few months, to catch up before I launch into some Christmas reviews, if that sounds like your thing, then stay tuned!

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