Introducing the Major Film Reviews Hall of Fame!

I’m always looking for ways to diversify my output on this site, and while new releases are quiet, I thought now was the best time to celebrate those iconic figures from cinema.

This is an idea I’ve been playing with for some time; I sometimes find myself wanting to write more about a particular director or actor in my reviews, but fear taking the focus from the review. This format allows me to spotlight the best the silver screen has to offer and properly reflect on their careers.

This won’t be a feature I use every week, as I’d soon run low on people to talk about, no, this will be an occasional feature, appearing on at the very least a bi-monthly basis, in order to spread to a number of different names.

Of course, a Hall of Fame should have a criteria. Otherwise it’d just be an excuse for me to talk about my favourite people (it still will be to some extent, admittedly). Therefore I am laying out the following criteria for MFR Hall of Fame induction:

  1. Their career must span at least thirty years.
  2. They must have contributed creatively to a film.
  3. Their work should be culturally or critically significant.

This is admittedly a fairly broad church. This process is more of an art than a science, and it turns out to be a lot more difficult to set rules about what is undoubtedly a subjective thing such as film. I chose not to add the need to have received any kind of award, as these are also only as significant as one allows them to be There are plenty of great talents who have never won an Academy Award, for instance, so only allowing Oscar winner in wouldn’t exactly be a fair metric. Their awards will be taken into consideration, and mentioned in the write-up, but are not absolutely necessary.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature on my site, and keep an eye out for the first inductee later on today!

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