A Look Back at February 2021

Is it just me, or have these past two months just felt like one long January? It’s still dark and miserable, and I still can’t leave my flat. It feels like being stuck in Groundhog Day, but instead of constantly giving the same new report, I’m just always sat in my living room, sometimes watching something and sometimes staring into space.

So, yeah, obviously not a lot has happened this month, the UK is still in a nationwide lockdown, it feels like we’ve been in one for a year. Oh wait, we have (More or less). The UK government have now released their ‘roadmap’ for easing restrictions, and it’s as confusing and arbitrary as we’ve come to expect out of a group of people I wouldn’t trust to book a taxi on a night out, much less handle our way out of a pandemic, but we play the hand we’re dealt.

As a result of still being cooped up inside, I’m still only able to watch old films, as well as some new ones that have found their way onto streaming. Although if the best a streaming service can do is The Prom, then I’d rather not have new films at all. Still, that’s a negative outlook to have, there are more streaming films to get through, I just hope they’re an improvement, although I struggle to think how they could be worse.

Film of the Month: War Horse (2011) – Directed by Steven Spielberg

It was a tough choice this month, not because I had a vast array of good films to choose from, just that everything I have watched (with the exception of Daredevil, which is a TV series) has ranged from ‘basically okay’ to god-awful. That makes War Horse the winner by default I suppose, don’t let it go to your head now Steven.

Next month I’ve got some more war films to watch courtesy of my friend and patron Ian, I’ll also be looking at some recent streaming releases in the hope that something good lives on those, and I have a new ‘Evolution of Animation’ piece all finished and set to publish next week, so I hope you all enjoy that!

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