A Look Back at April 2021

The end is nearly in sight now (I hope) and as I write this, cinemas are due to reopen in two weeks here in the UK. I can only hope the lineup at the local cinema is worth waiting for…

April saw the delayed Academy Awards being handed out in Hollywood. It was a mixed night, all told. Steps forward were made by having several female nominees in the Directing category, as well as a plethora of deserving POC nominees. Special congratulations go out to Chloe Zhao and Frances McDormand for their respective wins for Nomadland (which I’ll be reviewing soon, keep your eyes peeled!) As disappointing as it was to not end the night with a posthumous Oscar for Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Hopkins is a more than worthy recipient for Best Actor. I only hope I can see The Father soon…

Film of the Month – Promising Young Woman (2021) – Directed by Emerald Fennell

It was a tough choice between Sound of Metal and this film, but Emerald Fennell’s incredible film takes the prize of best film I’ve reviewed this month. She also deservedly walked away with a Best Original Screenplay Oscar last week, and rightly so.

As those who read my Sound of Metal review will be aware, I am experiencing some health issues at the moment, namely troubles with my eyesight (I’m typing this using a big font on my phone) which has slowed me down recently. I will be trying my best to pick myself back up soon though. I have a few very special reviews planned for this month, and I can only hope my output increases soon, and that you all enjoy reading it.

Hopefully see you at cinemas soon!

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