Major Film Reviews Health Statement May 2021

As most of you will recall, I spoke in my last review about having health problems, specifically speaking, my eyesight. Well unfortunately, the prognosis isn’t good.


At an opticians appointment last week, my eyesight registered as 3 out of 12 for visual acuity, for those who don’t know, between three and six out of twelve constitutes visual impairment. I am writing this statement using big fonts on my iPad to reduce the strain on my eyes, but it isn’t something I can keep up for long.


I am currently awaiting an urgent referral to the hospital to fully explore what is wrong with my eyesight. Hopefully I will get a diagnosis, if I am partially sighted, this is something I will have to learn to live with. Luckily I still have enough vision left to be able to watch and enjoy movies. This having been said, I don’t wish to use what I have left of my eyesight straining at a word processor to complete reviews multiple times a week. I don’t know at this stage if my vision will get worse, and if it does, I don’t want to know that I have used the last of my time being able to properly see movies has been used in any other way except fully enjoying and appreciating them.


I currently have a backlog of films that I wish to review. This includes Nomadland, and some films sent to me by my friend and supporter Ian. I will be completing these reviews in my normal fashion, making use of larger fonts and voice recognition technology when necessary to help me finish work I have already promised. I don’t wish to stop reviewing completely, I just think that for the sake of my own health, both physical and mental, it is best that I don’t rely on written reviews.


Therefore, after I have completed the reviews I have promised, I will be trialling video reviews instead of the usual written ones. These will be uploaded to my website as usual, onto my Facebook page, my Patreon page, and to YouTube. I hope that these video reviews will be an acceptable replacement for my usual content, and that you, my readers, enjoy them as much as my usual output.


I hope to have the Nomadland review done soon, I admit the last week or so has been a struggle for me, which goes some way to explaining why this review hasn’t yet surfaced when I have promised it. I hope these changes end up being enjoyable for all, and I hope they help me to adjust to any differences I might experience in the coming months, and indeed years.


As always, I appreciate your continued support and readership. I hope I can continue to produce content that you enjoy, even if it is in a different format.


Thank you,








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