Introducing Ian

Hello all, Nathan here.

Regular readers will know that I’ve recently had to step back from writing film criticism for health reasons. I hope I can periodically pop my head around the door, so to speak, but because I don’t want to simply let the site sit here on the Internet like a plank of wood in a pond, not really doing anything, I’ve brought in some help.

New reviews will soon be posted on this website again, provided by my good friend and collaborator Ian Judson. I can think of very few people in my immediate circle of friends and acquaintances more qualified to take the reins than Ian, and I trust he’ll do an excellent job of maintaining the high standard (don’t laugh) of critique you’ve come to expect from Major Film Reviews.

I hope you will all support Ian as much as I plan to as he kindly carries on the Major Film Reviews name in my absence.

Hopefully I’ll find ways of being able to contribute as well, but for the time being, I’m handing over the keys, I hope you all enjoy what Ian has to bring to the table.

Thanks as always


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