A Look Back at January 2020

To be fair to the New Year, it’s started off pretty strong. Well, apart from my first review of the New Year (I do think I actually watched that in the dying days of 2019 though, so we won’t count it).

I was playing catch up for a while, especially catching up on a few Netflix releases (Dolemite is My Name is next on my radar) and the way the British release schedule works means that some of the films new over here are practically retro reviews Stateside.

These little write-ups at the end of the month won’t be too detailed, they’re just a look back at the month, just as a way to end the month; also to break up the barrage of reviews I send flying through the screen and into your faces.

What I will do though, is name a ‘Film of the Month’ each month, giving myself something else to worry about, because I still have some hair left, and apparently I don’t do enough writing for this site yet.

Film of the Month: Marriage Story – Directed by Noah Baumbach

Yes I know it came out last month, but no I don’t particularly care. It was a strong month and 1917 can feel a bit unlucky to not be my top pick, but to put it frankly, no film engrossed me as much as Marriage Story this month, and had I been quicker on the draw, it’d have made my Top 10 of last year, it’ll have to settle for this though, as I aren’t pushing my luck enough to include it in this year’s consideration.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading January’s reviews; there shouldn’t be too long to wait until I get started on a new month; with a fresh slate of releases hitting U.K. cinemas today, that should keep me busy for a week or so, there’s also the release of Indy darling The Lighthouse to cover this month, and foreign powerhouse Parasite, so I hope I’ve whetted you’re appetite enough to stick around.

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